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We elevate the game!


We strive to elevate the scale, marketing, user acquisition, customer service, infrastructure and monetization expertise that developers need to bring their masterpieces to the masses all with a  low overhead.

What We Offer?

Sound Infrastructure

Are you tired of huge cost deduction from publishers eating away at all your profits? We have built an industry leading and cost effective publishing infrastructure designed to help maximize your revenue share with minimal costs and bloats!

Customer Relations

Managing players in a live environment and keep them happy is not an easy task. We have the expertise to help build a healthy in-game community and manage support for players so you can focus on building the game.

Art of Marketing

Creating store assets, screenshots, ASO, A/B tests, relations with platforms and etc are all daunting tasks requiring its own set of skills. We are here to help! We have the product marketing expertise and connections to make you shine!

User Acquisition Excellence

We have experience from both demand and supply side to help you acquire the high quality players your game deserves! Our team have XP running UA for some of the largest gaming companies such as Tencent Games and Scopely.

Seasoned Operators

We are a team of industry veterans from different disciplines such as product, marketing, community, data science  with years of experience operating large scale games. We are ready to bring that expertise to you!

Unbeatable Terms

We are an extremely lean and effective team with low overhead allowing us to offer you competitive terms that other larger firms simply cannot match all while providing the impactful expertise you actually needed!